Information Folders

P PR Wing prepares/ revises/ updates Information folders, containing informative and explanatory leaflets on important parliamentary activities and institutional structures supporting the functioning of the Parliament of India. These publicity folders are supplied free of cost to the Members of Parliament, journalists, visitors and institutions on demand.

Our Parliament
Question Hour in Lok Sabha
Budget in Parliament
Public Accounts Committee
Committee on Public Undertakings
Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
Committee on Empowerment of Women
Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme
Opening of Parliament by the President
How A Bill Becomes An Act
Parliamentary Committees
Estimates Committee
Committee on the Welfare of Other Backward Classes
Railway Convention Committee
Parliament House Estate
Story of Parliamentary Reporting
Parliament Museum Story of Indian Democratic Heritage
Indian Parliamentary Group
Computerized Information Service
Heritage Management
Sales Service in Parliament Complex
Audio Visual Services
Paintings in Parliament House
Guide for Visitors to the Galleries
Integrated System on Microphone Management, Simultaneous Interpretation and Automatic Vote Recording in Lok Sabha Chamber
Amenities For Members of Parliament
Parliamentary Museum and Archives
Press and Public Relations Wing
PRIDE (Erstwhile BPST)
Sansad TV
Committee on Violation of Protocol
Inscriptions in Parliament House
Parliament Library and Reference, Research, Documentation and Information Services (LARRDIS)