Facilities to Media

Parliament's relation with the media is very cordial. The Press & Public Relations Wing maintains a close liaison with the Press and the various Government publicity organizations and communication media for the dissemination of information to the public on the business transacted by the Lok Sabha and also by its Committees.

This Wing provides all facilities to the correspondents of the mass media covering Parliament. These facilities include provision of three Press rooms in Parliament House for media representatives, supply of parliamentary papers, daily agenda, Committee reports, other papers laid on the Table of the House, etc. to all accredited correspondents of Parliament (about 450 in number). Photocopy and fax facilities for functional use are also available to media persons free of cost. The facility regarding simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings of Parliament are also available to the correspondents of mass media, in the Press Galleries of both the Houses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

A Media Work Station with ten computers, one TV set and a telephone connection has been provided for media persons in the Parliament Library Building to enable them to file their stories on parliamentary proceedings, events and activities.

Two dedicated canteens have been provided exclusively for media persons in room nos. 54 and 71 in Parliament House. Besides, two air-conditioned Media Stands, one each opposite Building Gates 1 and 4 of Parliament House, have been set up, with all logistics, to facilitate media persons to take bytes of Ministers and Members of Parliament. Wi-fi facility has been made available at Press Rooms (54, 55, 59, 60 and 61) in Parliament House and Media Work Station in Room No. FB-141 in Parliament Library Building to enable better connectivity to media persons. Accredited correspondents have been given access to resources in Parliament Library for reference purposes.