• Media organizations, which are accredited/recognized by the Press Information Bureau (PIB), may forward requests for their accreditation to the Lok Sabha Press Gallery to Secretary-General, Lok Sabha. All such requests, duly supported by the necessary documents, may be sent either by post or by hand at Room No. 55, Parliament House, New Delhi.

  • Editors-in-Chief/ Heads of accredited media organizations may nominate their correspondents for accreditation to the Lok Sabha Press Gallery as per the quota of passes recommended by the Press Advisory Committee (PAC) of Lok Sabha.

  • The Press Advisory Committee makes recommendations for accreditation of media organizations. Media organizations, which secure recommendation for accreditation from the Press Advisory Committee, are called accredited media.

  • The Speaker, Lok Sabha, constitutes the Press Advisory Committee, ordinarily consisting of 25 senior journalists belonging to accredited media organisations, to make recommendations on issues relating to accreditation, facilities, etc. for media persons in Parliament House Complex.

  • Besides newspapers and news agencies, the 24 hours new channels and online media are considered for accreditation by the Press Advisory Committee.

  • Yes. Camerapersons’/photographers’ passes are issued to cover the proceedings in Parliament House Complex as per the guidelines and quota fixed by the Press Advisory Committee